Patching a Corner Gutter Hole

  • March 9, 2019

Gutters are quite useful especially during the rainy season. They will carry away excess water. The structure integrity of your home will be damaged if the house does not have functional gutters or they have issues such as leakage. Although routine maintenance helps in keeping the gutters in shape, what happens when there is a huge gutter seam leak? You will need to fix it as soon as possible otherwise you will have to deal with bigger issues.

Prepare the Area

Before placing the gutter patch, you need to prepare the area. The best way to do so is scrub gently with a sand paper or a steel wool softening it with water. This will prevent excessive scrubbing that could damage the surface. Ensure that there is no debris or rough edges before you can place the patch. Placing the patch on an uneven surface will not solve the problem.

Prepare a Patch

This is a DIY project and since it is not a permanent solution, you should get in touch with a professional roofer. A replacement patch should be made from strong and durable plastic. The more close it matches the material of the gutter the better. You need to consider the size of the hole on the gutter to ensure that the replacement patch is of the right size.

Apply the Patch

You have cleaned the surface and prepared your own patch, the next thing is to apply the patch. It’s not hard to do so but it must be done carefully to ensure the hole is covered. You will need a sealing putty that you should firmly stick on the ‘inside’ of the patch. Then firmly place it over the hole and ensure it covers it properly.

Ensure That the Repair Looks Professional

Even though the repair on your gutter is not visible to many, it’s good that it looks professional. This is the reason you must prepare the surface and cut the right size of the patch. Perhaps there was excess sealant putty. You should wait for it to dry out before cutting it off carefully. Use a sharp item such as a building trowel to get rid of the excess putty.

Test the Gutter

It would make no sense to repair the gutter while the problem has not been fixed. You will know it’s well fixed if you pour water on the gutter and it does not leak. Before doing this, ensure that the sealant has completely dried out. If it’s still wet, some leaking may still be seen.

The work of the gutters is to direct excess water from your roof to the downspout and away. Any damage repair on this system should be done by a professional but you can temporarily fix it. Although repairing a leaky corner gutter can be a bit tricky for a novice, it’s not that hard to apply a replacement patch. It will only take a few minutes to get it professionally repaired.